Hello World! I'm Billybob125poopz, you may know me as BillyBob 125 on YouTube, I'm planning on adopting this Wikia. I've checked and it appears the founder isn't an admin, so either his account got closed or they wern't promoted to admin and bureaucrat when they made the wiki (which is a glitch that has happend to wikia founders before I've seen it my self but IDK if its fixed or not,) it also appears that the founder hasn't been active but I'm not sure.

If I do become a bureaucrat I would like to premote some people to rollbacks, content moderators, admins ECT. so if I do become a bureaucrat then please don't hesatate to ask, I plan on premoting the first few people who request these statuses so keep that in mind.

Billybob125poopz (talk) 15:59, November 19, 2017 (UTC)