"Toenails" is another poem by Michael Rosen in his book "The Hypnotiser"

Plot Edit

The poem acts as an advertisement for growing toenails. It starts with a boisterous person who tries to encourage people to grow toenails. The toenails are described as "smart" and "smooth". Much like an advertisement, a review is shown from a man named "Jack Davis" and he tells us that he likes toenails and has 10. The raucous man then exclaims "be like Jack, be smart, grow toenails".



More and more people in Britain today are using... toenails! Smart and smooth, they grow on all 5 toes of each foot. We spoke to Jack Davis of Hackney; "Yeah, I like toenails. I've got ten of them. Big ones for the big toes, and the little one's for the little toes. They're great". Be like Jack! Be smart! Grow toenails!

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Use in PoopsEdit

  • The word "Toenails" is usually used in a completely random sentence e.g. "When I get in, if there's one thing I love it's toenails."

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Toenails - Michael Rosen

Toenails - Michael Rosen