The Storyless Rosen Collab was a 2017 Michael Rosen collab hosted by NANGYLOL and co-hosted by Fantastic Plums. The entrants to this collab could not follow any type of storyline throughout their entries. It was announced on July 10, 2017 and had 16 entrants in total. There was another video titled "The Storyless Rosen Collab Extras" for the 6 entrants that didn't make it into the final video.

The Storyless Rosen Collab is the most popular video on NANGYLOL's channel with nearly 8,000 views and over triple the second-most popular video's view count.

Entrants Edit

Accepted entrants (In The Storyless Rosen Collab) Edit

Rejected entrants (In The Storyless Rosen Collab extras) Edit

  • Orangebirb YTP: 0:16
  • Plums Incorporated: 1:43
  • BlockGlitch: 5:08
  • PAV2: 5:57
  • ti_mineDesign: 8:43
  • MLGNintendoBOI: 11:29
  • Sn0Flaik (Forgotten)

Trivia Edit

  • The idea for this collab originated on pNsB's discord server.
  • At the end of the collab, there reads a message with a spelling error saying: "Excpect another collab in early 2018".
  • On Twitter, NANGYLOL retweeted a tweet by @KNIGH7 that read: "The Storyless Rosen Collab 2, we need it!" This points to there possibly being a sequel in future.

Video Edit

The Storyless Rosen Collab

The Storyless Rosen Collab

-YTP- Michael Rosen forgets how to tell a story (Collab Entry)

-YTP- Michael Rosen forgets how to tell a story (Collab Entry)

NANGYLOL Forgot this entry.