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The Rosen Venture is a collaborative video series that originated in 2014 created by DrHotelMario and the SNANS team (Mario, ThePlamzJoker, The Cally56 and 256Pi.), later other people became involved like RandomAxe, Are109, Dave-K and Nintendom64.


Michael gets fired from his job after sexually harassing his boss, Michelle Rosenbloom, Michael ends up having to look through a newspaper (he calls it a 'nosepaper') to find an add for his 'specialties' as a poet. He ends up getting in a load of trouble with not only her brother (R Lee Ermey), but pirates (with Captain Shoehorn) AND EVEN ALIENS! (The Cthufoogle.) Will Michael ever get out of this mess?


Season Two has been confirmed, with a spin-off starring the 'Cthufoogle' in the planning stages. But the dates have not been finalized as of yet.



  • The original team was DrHotelMario, ThePlamzJoker, The Cally56 and 256Pi but out of the original team, only Mario and 256Pi made their parts. ThePlamzJoker got replaced by Are109 and TheCally56 got replaced by RandomAxe. This would end up being a regular occurrence to most of the members as Dave-K was brought in as a replacement along with Nintendom64 and 256Pi ended up winning a poll to host Part 8.

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