The Michael Rosen 67th Birthday Collab is a YTP collab hosted by YoungJay97 to celebrate Michael Rosen's 67th Birthday Collab (as made apparent by the title). The collab was uploaded to YouTube sometime in 2013. The entrants are listed below in order of appearance. The collab was split into 4 parts.


Part 1Edit

  • LordThexor
  • BenAD361
  • plasticfishtank
  • Sire (xPrEpWnDeX)
  • Pcat Soft (CTComixProductions)
  • Plumface-sama (jesse2282)
  • ws812L8 will be back after these messages (ws812L8)
  • scarabix3D
  • Rydo Spydo
  • ytp (walinghammediaisbac)

Part 2Edit

  • HyperToasters
  • HomTopkins1
  • SerialK86 (SerialKiller1986)
  • Jack Duce (11JackanYTP) {first entry}
  • ChickenPika
  • Jack Duce {second entry}
  • shadowluigi64
  • gta5cat (gta4cat)
  • Meleemario720

Part 3Edit

  • Declan Harris
  • Dylancliff111 {first entry}
  • SkulY2K
  • Raw (SR)
  • SpaghettiBicycle
  • RootNegativeSixteen
  • Dylancliff111 {second entry}
  • Robbi (RobGBA) {second entry}
  • theknightswhosayfrak

Part 4Edit


The CollabEdit