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The Michael Rosen's Rosen-less Collab TWO is the REBOOTED sequel to the The Michael Rosen's Rosen-less Collab which will be hosted by The Imperial Phantom Menace. The main objective of the collab is still to produce an entry with a story where Michael is not present but the characters in his poems take over as a central stage.

Entrants (full list to be finalised)Edit

  • The Imperial Phantom Menace/Aiden Investigations (host)
  • Amy Pond (returning)
  • TLOZ&SonicUltimateFan (returning from the original version.)


  • This will be the third version of the original sequel collab, after a RELOADED version was made two weeks after the original version.
  • TLOZ&SonicUltimateFan will be remaking his original collab entry with a new style.
  • This is only sequel collab to have worded version of TWO instead of the number in it.
  • Aiden's collab entry will include the UK Version of Shameless somewhere.
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