The Michael Rosen's Rosen-less Collab was a two part small collab hosted by ZeroTyrant. The main objective of the collab was to produce an entry with a story where Michael is not present but the characters in his poems take over as a central stage.


Part OneEdit

  • 256PiAlternate
  • Castlevanian Rosen
  • RootNegativeSixteen
  • ZeroTyrant (Host)

Part Two (The Embarrassing Load of Shit)Edit

  • Amy Pond
  • The Archangel Network (BattleOfDuty)
  • Thepatmandoo
  • koi meerkats


  • The entries in the second part (with the exception of koi.) were all un water-marked which sparked many of the users not knowing which one was which until Zero added a timeline onto the description.
  • The second part (or 'the rejected entries' pile.) is the smallest rejected entries pile of any Michael Rosen collab. (running at 4 minutes, 29 seconds.)
  • There is a reason why the second part is named The Embarrassing Load of Shit Edition, this is due to all of the entries here in this part being that they wouldn't/didn't make the full collab is essentially the as mentioned above 'rejected entries' pile.
  • A sequel was released on September 27th, 2016. This however will be rebooted for late 2017.

The collab (all parts) Edit



2) (The Load of Embarrassing Shit Edition)

2) (The Load of Embarrassing Shit Edition)