The Cthoogle is a fictional character spawned from The Rosen Venture series. It features Michael Rosen with a singular, cyclops-like eye and tentacle-like fingers as a mouth.


The Cthoogle was created by DrHotelMario and is one of the most popular characters to come out of a Michael Rosen YTP series. It has shown up in several parodies and edits since its original use in The Rosen Venture - (Part 5).

The Cthoogle speaks using subtitles, as its language consists of nothing but slurping/hocking sounds that come from several of Michael's poems.


A sketch of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft

It is shown in The Rosen Venture - (Part 7) that the "Foogle" species can speak English, with the help of translators. They are worn over the mouth of the Foogles and look like gas masks, with two filters protruding out of each side of the mask.

The Cthoogle's name is a portmanteau of Cthulhu, a fictional deity created by American author H.P Lovecraft, and the The Skyfoogle, a fictional monster from the poem with the same name by Michael Rosen. The Cthulhu part is likely there because of the tentacled, squid-like appearance of Lovecraft's monster.

The Motherfoogle Edit


The Motherfoogle, as depicted in The Rosen Venture - (Part 7)

The Motherfoogle is a (Koi)fish-like Foogle that appears in The Rosen Venture - (Part 7) as the apparent leader of the Cthoogle Mothership. Little is known about her purpose there, though it's possible she serves a queen bee-like function, as she behaves in a motherly fashion towards one of the Cthoogles. It is unknown what happened to the Motherfoogle after the events of The Rosen Venture - (Part 7).


"Hey! Who are you?! How did you get here?!" - The Cthoogle's first words to Michael Rosen, after Michael has stumbled aboard his ship in Part 5.

"Get back here, you punk!" - The Cthoogle's words to Michael after he has chased him down for using an escape pod for his ship in Part 5

"You punks can't read my subtitles, can you?"  - The Cthoogle uses the fourth wall to speak when Michael tries to get him and Captain Shoehorn to forgive each other in Part 6.

'Hi Mum, I may need some help. I'm stranded on Earth, bloody humans crashed into my spaceship with a glitchy plane.' The message The Cthoogle types to his mother at the end of Part 6 - (although the message was not seen until the beginning of Part 7, in a sort of perspective change of events).

"You have got to be sh**ing me!" - The Cthoogle swears as Michael and the gang (Michelle, Mr. Properly and Capt. Shoehorn) are let go by his mother, Motherfoogle.

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