SatisfactoryBeverage is a parody account of the YTPer NoiceDrinkz. it was created by NANGY LOL on Oct 9th, 2017 and features sarcastic YTP videos, usually imitating NoiceDrinkz's editing style or bragging about it's incredible popularity.

About Edit

The channel was originally made to remain anonymous, but it was quickly found out by NoiceDrinkz himself on twitter who was behind the account due to a similarity in editing between NANGY LOL and SatisfactoryBeverage. Despite this, SatisfactoryBeverage continues to act as if it is a completely different person and still releases occasional videos.

On Feb 25th, 2018 SatisfactoryBeverage released a private collab named "The Michael Rosen 3.529 Word 7.5392 Second Glitch YTPMV Comedy Fast Paced Bag Of Plums Older Rosen Around The World Animation Storyless Plamless Sourcey Nameless Offensive Cinematic Chocolate Cake Random Big 144p Anonymous Clean April Fools 203rd Earrape Collab" or "The Michael Rosen 3.529W7.5392SGYTPMVCFPBOPORATWASPSNOCCCRB144PACAF203RDE Collab" for short. The collab was announced on pNsB's Discord server and featured 9 entries all attempting to follow the collab's seemingly impossible rules. It took only 4 days to make and received great response from the community, despite the fact that the entire collab is purposefully hard to watch. You can find it here.

SatisfactoryBeverage sparked a trend of other parody accounts of NoiceDrinkz being created on YouTube, most of which we still don't know who is the creator. They feature similar style content and the same anonymity SatisfactoryBeverage first had.

Rank Edit

These statistics are correct as of April 28th, 2018.

SocialBlade Grade: C

Network/Claimed by: None

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $0.23 - $4

Views in last 30 days: ▲ 901.4%

Subscribers in last 30 days: ▲ 2,050.0%

SocialBlade Rank: 6,741,564th

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