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Who is Michael Rosen?

Michael Wayne Rosen is a British poet/book writer who is best well known for his book We're Going on a Bear Hunt, in YouTube Poops and as the *Click* noice guy.
  • Michael's most famous bookGo to We're Going On A Bear Hunt
  • One of the most popular YouTube Poop sources.
  • Michael has a *click* noice meme.
  • YouTube's first ever Michael Rosen YTP CollabGo to The Great Big Rosen Collab

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Poems' transcripts that needed to be finished

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  • Michael Rosen is planning to do a livestream on his YouTube account, December 15th 2017 at 12:30 GMT. - news added on 11/22/17.
  • The User Billybob125poopz has successfully adopted this Wikia - news added on 11/22/17.
  • Happy Plummin' Birthday! Michael Rosen turns 72 on May 7th 2018. - news added on 5/4/18.
  • The Michael Rosen 72nd YouTube Poop Collab is out! happy YouTube Pooping and happy birthday Michael Wayne Rosen! - news added on 5/6/2018
  • It's time to bust out the chocolate cake, Michael Rosen has turned 73 years old today,happy birthday you beautiful poet! Here's for another year of poetry, plums, chocolate cake, pooping and memes!

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