pNsB is a British YTPer who is very active and has made 180+ YTP's with Michael Rosen sources. He created his channel on July 16th, 2013 and has surpassed 900 subscribers.

About Edit

On July 13, 2017 pNsB uploaded a 20 second long filler named "Vanillarizer". It was followed up by another filler YTP named "Chocolatizer". People started to see a pattern, and "Tizer" fillers became a new trend from July to August. 23 were made in total, and you can see a playlist of all the "Tizer" fillers here.

In the past, pNsB has collaborated with Strafer42 in Michael Doesn't Understand the Concept of Logic (since made Unlisted on Strafer42's YouTube channel, Fantastic Plums in Spastic Action, and NANGYLOL in Michael's Stupidity Reaches Its Limit and Michael's Voyage of Insanity, only the latter of which is on pNsB's own channel.

On February 21, 2017 pNsB released The Michael Rosen Sentence Mixing Collab. It was his first hosted collab and had 6-7 entrants. It was just over 15 minutes in length.

pNsB also hosted a collab named The NoiceDrinkz Q&A YTP Collab. It had 15 entrants, surpassed half an hour in length (Double his first collab) and has been the only NoiceDrinkz-sourced collab to date.

Rank Edit

These statistics are correct as of May 1st, 2018.

SocialBlade Grade: C+

Network/Claimed by: None

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $6 - $93

Views in last 30 days: ▲ 103.0%

Subscribers in last 30 days: ▲ 80.0%

SocialBlade Rank: 1,460,667th