Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen Channel Intro

Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen Channel Intro

"When I was six I ate a bag of PLAMZ!" - Michael Rosen in The Michael Rosen Rap

Michael Wayne Rosen (called Mick for short by his family) is an English poet and book writer. He has a YouTube channel by the name of ArtificeDesign (later Michael Rosen and then Kids Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen) and another much less active and somewhat obscure one where Michael reads off and performs poems for adults called Michael Rosen For Adults with both channels having a combined total of over 320+ videos of him performing his poems, ranging from under a minute to over 5 minutes in length.

The poems differ in setting, some being recorded in a more reverberant studio, and others being recorded in front of a dark screen (although some of his videos consist of him performing his poems live in front of an audience). Most of his poems are based on his misadventures with his family (some being about Michael when he was a kid while others are about Michael being a dad.)  

YouTube Poops/The Cult of RosenEdit

On July 10 2009, a YouTube Pooper by the name of 'kronoix' uploaded a YouTube Poop of Michael's Cbeebies source, although this may have been the first, the most popular Michael Rosen YTPers at the time were Insector (now known as ricesnot), DerryMarksun and ImperialLobster. 

The YTPs mainly consisted of sentence mixing Michael's white screen source videos, changing their context completely. Michael's YTP depiction is usually described as a murderer, rapist, pedophile or necrophiliac. The YTP that brought Michael Rosen poops into the limelight was cs188's 'Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit', generating over 1 million views.

Michael's DiscoveryEdit

It didn't take long for Michael Rosen himself to discover the YouTube Poops hundreds of YTPers were making on a daily basis, as expected, he attempted to take them down from YouTube. This resulted in many Rosen poopers being banned, or at least having their poops taken off. However, this did not stop the Rosen community from making their sweet, glorious YTPs, so Michael eventually gave up, and allowed the YTPers to reign supreme. 

After the fiasco, Michael was asked about the YTPs in a Q&A, to which he described the YTP community as 'teenage boy masturbators from Pennsylvania', despite most Michael Rosen YTPers originating from Britain. Michael later starred in a video 'thanking' the YTPers for pooping him, all the while his face turned more red than a tomato. 

Michael doesn't necessarily mind the vulgarity of the poops, he worries more about children or parents discovering his poops and associating them with his character. 

Michael has not since taken down any YTPs since 2011.

However in 2017, Michael reported that he was going to take down more YouTube Poops that included "Nazi's" and "Nazi imagery" because of his religious status. It is not known what poops were taken down.

In early 2018 an account by the name of Kids Poems and Stories With Michael rosen and then later Kids Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen started taking down several Michael Rosen related YouTube Poops. It's not entirely known who the culprit is but the most popular theory is that it's Michael's son Joe Rosen taking down the YouTube Poops.

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Youtube Poop- Michael tells a disturbing story about a young whippersnapper called Nate

Youtube Poop- Michael tells a disturbing story about a young whippersnapper called Nate



Improved Quality- Michael Rosen - Pennsylvania Masturbators (interview)

Improved Quality- Michael Rosen - Pennsylvania Masturbators (interview)


  • In an interview with the English Association they asked him two secrets he had, and Michael said Quote "I like the smell of Paco Rabane 'Pour Homme'. I wish I had tried to sing and play harmonica in a blues band."[1]
  • Michael was arrested twice during the 1960s, once for being against the Vietnam war; once for being against a hairdresser in oxford who wouldn't cut black people's hair.[2]
  • Michael can speak English, French, Yiddish and a little bit of German.

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