Me And My Brother is a poem from Michael's book 'The Hypnotiser'.


Me, And My Brother.

Me and my brother, we sit up in bed, doing my dad's sayings. I go to bed first, and I'm just dozing off, and I hear a funny voice going, "Never let me see you doing that again," and it's my brother. Poking his finger out, just like my dad, going, "Never let me see you doing that again." And so I join in, and we're both going! "Never let me see you doing that again." So what happens? Next time I get into trouble, and my dad is telling me off, and he's going, "Never let me see you doing that again." So I'm looking up and my dad and I'm going, "Sorry, Dad. Yeah. Sorry." And I suddenly catch sight of my brother's big face poking out from behind my dad. And while my dad is poking me with his finger in time with the words, "Never let me see you doing that again." Just where I can see him, my brother is saying the words as well, with his mouth, without making a sound. So I start laughing. And so my dad says, "And it's no laughing matter." Of course, my brother knows that one as well and he's going with his mouth, "And it's no laughing matter." But my dad's not stupid, he knows something's going on, so he looks round, and there's my brother, with his finger poking out just like my dad. And I'm standing there laughing. Oh no! And that's when we get into Really, Big, Trouble.

Okay we got then-

Trivia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the ending when he says "okay we got the next- is a mistake. joe might have left the camera on by accident and didnt notice or the camera was put on auto record. but it is heard after he says "really big trouble."

Used in poops Edit

  • Poopers like to use the pause before Michael reads the title in their YTP's.
  • Michael Rosen saying "Oh no!" is used often in YTPMVs.


Me and my Brother

Me and my Brother