KNIGH7 is a YouTube Pooper from South West England whose primary YTP source is Michael Rosen, although he does tend to try and broaden his sources. His editing style consists of comedic sentence mixing, masking and references to TV programmes.

About Edit

KNIGH7 cannot remember when he firstly got into YTPs, but the first place where he saw Michael Rosen for the first time was part of "Mr. Tumble Fails to Resist the 9/11 Jokes". Soon after, he came across ThePlamzJoker, and subsequently The Michael Rosen 70th Birthday Collab. The first collab he entered was the 71st Birthday Collab, and he entered with his first YTP.

2017 was (as of 16/05/18) his most successful year as a YTPer, as not only did he start entering collabs, but he befriended quite a few people in the community.

In November 2017 he collaborated with a fellow Michael Rosen YTPer, ItsaMeRBN, on an entry into NKpower's British Comedy YTP Collab.

Trivia Edit

He owns two alternate channels: KNIGH2 and KNIGH7's DVD rips, both of which are accessible if you own a keyboard and are somewhat literate.

His profile photo from 2016-2017 was of a Flash drawing of his TF2 Medic, which began as a head and shoulders, but after a revision became just a head after the drawing was decapitated or something. In December 2017, the profile photo changed to the current one.

The original version of his watermark was over to the left hand side (2016/2017), and was bigger, but has since moved over to the right hand side (2017-) and got smaller, which was initially just for his YTP Rosen Crisis II, and other subsequent animated videos, but he prefers it now.

Rank Edit

These statistics are correct as of 15th September 2018, provided KNIGH7 hasn't manipulated them in an attempt to seem more popular.

SocialBlade Grade: C-

Network/Claimed by: None

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £0.08 - £1 (how measly is that?)

Views in last 30 days: ▲51.7%

Subscribers in last 30 days: They're for some reason negative right now, so I'm going to skip this one.

SocialBlade Rank: 7,174,120th

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