Horrible is a poem from Michael's book "The Hypnotiser".

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The poem is about Michael's experience with a pizza he once ate on a train, but the pizza melts in the bag its placed in. Michael describes, in disgust, the pizza. Finally, he notices the woman opposite of him and then says that she was stunned with loathing.

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I was starving. All I had for breakfast was one apple and fifteen raisins.
Horrible - Michael Rosen

Horrible - Michael Rosen

It was half-past twelve, and I had to get to Hemel Hempstead. So, I bought a pizza, and I ran and ran and jumped on my train. As we pulled out of Euston station, I began to eat.

Trouble was, my pizza was in a paper bag. One sloppy, cheesy, pizza with the melting cheese and tomato stuck to the bag. So I peeled off the paper off my pizza, but it was slippery and sticky, and the pizza came off in soggy lumps that I scooped together, and pushed into my mouth *ehh, mm* blob by blob. But then there were dollops of pizza hiding in the corner of the bag, so I was holding the bag up to my face, tipping it into my mouth. *mmh, mhm-uhh* I was drinking pizza, and my fingers were running with dribbles of tomato and *mm, ahh-ahh* slops of spicy cheese all over my knuckles. So there I was *ahh-ahh* licking up my skin but my fingers were trailing all over my chin, so off went my tongue, 'round my face, *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* hunting for drips of pizza. But a bit of the paper bag got into my mouth so I was in there trying to get that out with the finger I was licking. *uuh-ohh* It's, ah, uh, it was diving into the slobber in my mouth and I was *snort* snuffling with my nose, *snort* like I was *snort* breathing in pizza. It was then, I noticed the woman opposite. She was watching me. *long pause and swallow* She looked like she'd never seen anything quite so horrible in all her life.

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  • The video is usually used to describe sex because of the vocabulary used to describe the pizza e.g. Sloppy.
  • A common phrase used is in the final sentence, which is mainly used to refer to sex also and is commonly edited to say another adjective instead of horrible e.g. hot, sexual.
  • "Horrible" is used in sentence mixing, commonly used to describe drugs and sex.
  • "She looked like she'd never seen anything, quite so horrible, in all her life." is also used in most YTPs.
  • Many YTPs contain a joke used with "sloppy." An example is mixing it to "slols."

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