Harrybo (also known as Harrybo's Grandad) is one of Michael's shorter poems, Harrybo is the tale of how his friend Harrybo comes to school crying about his grandfather's death, but is cheered up by Michael and his friends as they have a conversation.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a transcript for a video of Michael performing the poem/book, not a transcript from the actual poem/book itself.


Once my friend Harrybo came to school crying. We said "What's the matter? What's the matter?" and he said "his grandad had died". So we didn't know what to say. Then I said, "How did he die?" and he said "He was standing on St. Pancras Station, waiting for the train, and he just fell over and died." And then he started crying again. He was a nice man, Harrybo's grandad. He had a shed with tins full of screws in it. Mind you, my gran was nice too; she gave me and my brother a red shoehorn each. Maybe Harrybo's grandad gave Harrybo a red shoehorn.

Dave said, "My hamster died as well," so everyone said "Shhhh!" And Dave said "I was only saying." And I said "My gran gave me a red shoehorn." Rog said, "I got a pair of trainers for Christmas," and Harrybo said "You can get ones without laces," and we all said "yeah, that's right Harrybo, you can." Any other day, we'd've said "Of course you can! We know that, ya fool!" But that day, we said "Yeah, that's right, Harrybo, yeah. You can, yeah.."

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Usage in Poops Edit

  • "'Of course you can! We know that, you fool!'" is sometimes used when Michael is dismissing an obvious thing someone has said. Not only in his own poops but also in some Mark Sabine and Ashens ones too (which are commonly paired with Michael Rosen sources).
  • "He just fell over and died" is often used in poops; sometimes along with "keel over and die" from No Breathing in Class.