Harrybo's Grandfather aka Harrybo's Grandad is a deceased character mentioned in Michael's story, "Harrybo"

According to Michael, Harrybo's Grandad had a shed full of tins containing screws. It's unknown why he kept the screws, but it is safe to assume he was a handyman.

Harrybo's Grandad died at a train station while waiting for a train, most likely due to old age, causing Harrybo to be extremely sad during a school day, before being comforted by Michael and his friends with a discussion about shoehorns and trainers.

In the PoopsEdit

Harrybo's Granddad

Harrybo's Grandad as he appears in WonkyTonkBotty poops.

Dylancliff111 is a pooper who uses Harrybo's Grandad as a character in his poops.