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Eddie Steele Rosen[1] was the second son of Michael Rosen. Michael described him as being "very big and very funny". He died at the age of 18[2][3] on April 26, 1999[3] from meningococcal septicaemia[3][4]

Eddie's death was a big shock to Michael as Eddie showed no signs of being seriously ill, his symptoms only suggesting flu [4]

Eddie's ashes were buried at Highgate Cemetery, on the back of the gravestone reads "larger than life," a quote from a poem by Harold Rosen for Eddie's funeral.[1]

Legacy of Eddie's deathEdit

Michael was sad about the death of his son although for a long time he was "caught between two feelings". He wanted to admit that his son died but at the same time he didn't know how to say it.

One day a child came up to him and asked what became of Eddie from the poems. In front of a big crowd Michael said "Eddie died" and at the moment he said that, it gave him the courage to write what happened down. Michael wrote how he felt with a picture of him with a grin stating "This is me looking sad."

Since Eddie's death, Michael has been an advocate for meningitis research and awareness. After Eddie died, Michael "fanatically" researched meningitis to gain understanding of exactly how Eddie died. However, Michael doubts that he could have recognized the severity of Eddie's illness even if he'd known about these meningitis symptoms . "His symptoms didn’t seem to be very serious – that’s part of the problem with this illness.”[4]

Michael wrote a book in 2004 called the Sad Book based upon the death of his deceased son.


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