"Conversations with a Two Year Old" is a poem by Michael Rosen, from his book "The Hypnotiser".

Transcript Edit

Conversations with a Two Year Old.

D'you want an apple? No. What do you want then? An apple.

D'you want something to eat? No. D'you want some puffed wheat? Yes.

What are you doing? Got my pockets in my hands.

Whats the time? 24 hours ago.

Go wash your hands in the bathroom. My hands aren't in the bathroom.
Conversations with a Two Year Old

Conversations with a Two Year Old

Whats the matter? I've got a headache in my foot.

Now whats the matter? I've got a tummy ache in my head.

Are you alright? I done saw a funny noise.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with A Ball, this poem is based of Michael's daughter, Laura.

Use in PoopsEdit

  • "Do you want an apple?" is used weirdly often in Youtube Poops. This is usually because poopers want to make a random, unpredictable, and/or irrelevant joke.
  • Michael saying "No" can also be seen in many poops, but the one in London Airport is used a lot more.
  • Many poopers like to play the word "Conversations" and then reverse it in the middle to make the word "cock".