The 10 Seconds of Rosen Collab is a Rosen YTP collab hosted by SerialK86. The entries in this collab had to be 10 seconds long. It was uploaded to YouTube on 5th February 2014. The entrants are listed below.

Entrants Edit

  • SerialK86 [host]
  • fiv95 (GabrielCol595)
  • NationOfOranges (NationOfOranges696)
  • MafaR_ (iTzNQQB)
  • Sylv3on (TLMM)
  • Clarintine (Butcher)
  • SuperDuperPooper (ROSENNATOR101)
  • Dylancliff111
  • Robyn (RobGBA)
  • KingOfThePlums
  • RootNegativeSixteen {second entry}
  • Mad Mothz
  • bagofplums69
  • Hollywoodplams
  • Babchak (BarbieExpress0208)
  • Castlevanian Rosen (AwesomeGamah)
  • FrostbittenMelon
  • George Ogle
  • Foglume (DawnOfRosen)
  • Zak Ras
  • GMullen2810 (GeeEmm)
  • Damo:/ (Damonater1234)
  • Ron Mad
  • CreedOfSatisfaction4
  • YTP Critic369
  • Sarevol
  • Sire
  • 256PiAlternate
  • CaptainFaaf (FAAF)
  • joe -ilya
  • Paulie Rosen
  • DrHotelMario
  • LordThexor
  • pthooie
  • AlarmCopter
  • graduator14
  • RootNegativeSixteen {first entry}

Trivia Edit

  • During the intro, in the words "The 10 Seconds of Rosen Collab" and "Featuring these people", the Os are replaced with 0s, making "The 10 Sec0nds 0f R0sen C0llab" and "Featuring these pe0ple".
    • This is also the case with the thumbnail.
  • In the description and intro, "LordThexor" is misspelt as "LordThexdor".
    • Also, in the description and intro, "GabrielCol595" is listed as "Gabriel Colfiveninefive", which actually was his display name on YouTube (on their older account they closed) for a short while, before calling themselves Gab H.
  • In TLMM's entry, the words "aka Glitch04" are displayed to the left of his watermark.
    • In the description and intro, he is listed as "tlmmisback" along with other alternate names.
  • SerialK86 must've felt honoured to have bagofplums69 in his collab, as he placed "plumtastic!" to the right of his name in the description.
  • He hosted a sequel, which can be found here: [1]
  • The Imperial Ghost hosted the "third and final installment to the saga."

The Collab Edit

10 Seconds of Rosen Collab

10 Seconds of Rosen Collab